Three Long Days – additional

The post yesterday omitted to mention the weather as we approached Greymouth. It had been gloriously sunny and hot all day but as we headed towards the sea we could see clouds and thought they would provide welcome relief from the heat. Strangely they seemed to be going across our route despite us have the wind in our faces. And so it proved. All afternoon they crossed our path and it was only just before we arrived in Greymouth that we got the benefit.

The other thing that perhaps did not come through was how pleased we were with the achievement of cycling 340 km in 5 days. Cyclists reading this may not be so impressed (for example those guys we met in St Arnaud having an easy day of 100 km and averaging 160 a day) but it needs to be remembered that we are moving two bikes and luggage weighing close to 100 kg in total! And we are both much nearer 60 than 50!! So we feel pretty chuffed with ourselves.

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