Big Excitement!

We have booked our “escape” from Australia even before we have arrived there! And it’s a bit different!!

We’re going on a cruise!

Being cheapskate accountants we have booked ourselves on a repositioning (and therefore cheap, no frills!) cruise from Sydney to Singapore. Full board (but only drinks included are water, tea and coffee – yikes!) for two weeks for two for under £1,000! It stops in Brisbane, Darwin and Kuala Lumpur.

We’ve never been cruising before and so this sounded like (a) a cheap way of trying it out and (b) an alternative (green? Hmm, not sure about that!) form of accomodation combined with travel costs. Given Christine’s susceptibility to seasickness, this may be a false economy because of the cost of tablets!! But we’re going for it.

This all happens in the second half of April so we will have almost 8 weeks in Oz. Now to see how to spend that time.

4 thoughts on “Big Excitement!”

    1. We’re meeting on Wednesday as we were reconstructing the bikes and finding our feet today (Monday) and he has several meetings tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting a chip off the old block!

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