ABC (Akaroa and Back to Christchurch)

11-13/2/16. And now to fill in the gap in the narrative.….

You left us in Akaroa about to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We had a lovely, restful day wandering around the town and along the sea shore followed by an excellent meal in the brasserie (trés français!) just over the road from where we were staying.

The town was much busier than the previous afternoon/evening because a large cruise ship had come into the harbour before we woke. By the time Stephen was up for his morning constitutional (before Christine stirred) the tenders were busy ferrying passengers to the wharf to either look at the town or get on the many coaches (at least 25 judging by numbers posted on the windscreens) to go to Christchurch or elsewhere. It looked to be a slick operation – as it needed to be with up to 2,700 passengers on board.

Friday was to be less restful as we had to get back over the hills to Little River – for one of us at least! Christine had spotted a bus service to Christchurch that stopped in Little River and, in chatting with the driver, discovered that they would take bikes. So she decided that she had proved that she could do the climbs and there was nothing to be gained by doing it again! And, because the bus left at 3.45 it gave her another day in the pretty “French” town.

To make Stephen’s task a little easier she took one of his panniers strapped to the back of her bike. We agreed that he would go to the campsite, erect the tent, leave his remaining bags there and cycle back to meet the bus to help Christine with her bags plus the other one of his. Does that sound like a fair division of labour to you??!!

The next day was the return to Christchurch along the rail track that we had taken on Tuesday. Of course the wind, which had been in our faces on the way out, had changed direction so it wasn’t helping us! Having consulted the map we took a slightly different route for the final part of the trip – leaving the city and getting to the rail track proper had not been particularly inspiring and was not the most direct route.

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