Wobbling in Whanganui!

21/1/16.  We felt a minor earthquake today! It was while we were sat down admiring the inside of a Maori church. There was a rumble and a shake – a bit like when a big truck goes past sometimes only a little stronger and it lasted longer. We thought it was a tremor as we had experienced them in PNG thirty odd years ago and later confirmed this with some locals. We quickly got out of the church to be on the safe side (we were the only ones in there) and waited a few minutes but when nothing else happened went back inside.

The inside of the church was fabulous but unfortunately no photos were allowed.  Images are available on the web such as this one – search for Putiki church. The walls and ceiling were covered in intricate carved designs and panels.

In the afternoon we went to the cinema to see Brooklyn. We saw this just before we left the UK. The trailer was not particularly inspiring but the reviews were excellent so we gave it a go and we were both completely blown away by it – and it was at least as good second time around. It is a simply stunning performance by Saoirse Ronan. If she doesn’t win an Oscar then it will be a complete travesty!

The other good news of the day was that Stephen’s bike is mended. When the bike shop removed the tyre and tube the the full extent of the problem was revealed. On the outside there was a crack maybe 1 cm long. Inside it was 4 or 5 cm long, and there were other small cracks appearing in 3 or 4 places! Yikes!! That was an accident waiting to happen!
So now we can move on. Whanganui was a great place to spend a few days but we are ready to be back on the bikes. We are headed towards Palmerston North where we hope to catch the train into Wellington so as to avoid a long stretch on SH1 – particularly as we are heading into a public holiday weekend when we are told that the traffic will be especially heavy.

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