Happy Christmas…..

…..to everyone from New Zealand.

23-26/12/15. Well. We could easily get to a position where we could tolerate a warm Christmas every year! Some poor so and sos have to put up with it so it might as well be us. We’ll “take one for the team” as they say.

It is now Boxing Day and the weather is just glorious having improved significantly over the last two days! We woke on  Christmas Eve to grey skies and a very strong wind blowing off the sea. Thankfully we managed to get the tent and everything else packed before the rain started. The morning saw intermittent heavy showers as we were making our way to our friends’ house (only 7 km away) but in the afternoon it really threw it down and we were extremely glad to be inside. Christmas Day itself started cloudy but gradually improved – not enough for the planned beach barbecue but more than good enough for a leisurely pre-lunch stroll by the sea and a late afternoon wander through the neighbouring park. Today there is barely a cloud in the sky and just an occasional gentle breeze to cool us down while sitting out on the deck. Just perfect.

We are having a wonderful time sharing Jay and Tim’s Christmas and enjoying the lovely house which they have “swapped”. It really is most kind of them to make us so welcome. And the catering “background” which they both have means that the inner person is well looked after too!

The local Anglican church, 5 minutes walk away, has been well-utilised with Jay going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, Tim (an early riser) making the 8.00 a.m. service on Christmas morning and the Armstrong/Smiths rolling out of bed in time for the 9.30 a.m. Comparing notes later it seemed that the service was pretty much the same, not surprisingly. We were all amused by one of the local carols celebrating an “upside down Christmas” – “the snow is not falling and the trees are not bare”!

2 thoughts on “Happy Christmas…..”

  1. hello Christine and Stephen
    Have been catching up! Happy post boxing day to you! I have just discovered your wonderful map having tried to follow you with my giant atlas. Your blog is terrific.
    Re the weather, over here it is warm and sunny too, too warm, flowers out, birds twittering, good King Wensceslas would not have had to go through all that snow had he been alive now!
    Enjoy your break and I pray for less hills!

    1. Wishing you and the family all the best for 2016. We have now had a bit more flat cycling. We are loving NZ, but would like fewer steep hills! The rain of the past 3 days has been a bit of a shock, but people keep telling us it will improve!
      Lots of love,

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