2 thoughts on “Christine’s Books Read Page Updated”

  1. 25 December 2015
    Merry Xmas to both of you

    Have read with my wife the Parakai recent post and of course for us we were back to one year ago whzn we were in NZ in November 2014.

    Thank for the comment for the French people working in the hospitality , your comment is absolutely true !!!

    And also for the french public toilets!

    Dom & Dom

    11h30 Am just waiting for Xmas lunch in Emilie’s house (our daughter) with our litte nice boy (Noah) who is now closed to one year old as he is born on December 31 2014 at 6 Am

  2. Thanks Dom & Dom. We do love France but, like all countries including the UK, tbere are one or two things that set your teeth on edge. For Christine, that is toilets!!

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