Thoughts on New Zealand After Three Weeks

  • Good grief it’s hilly!
  • ….And beautiful.
  • It’s not really made for our sort of cycling.
  • ….But we are enjoying ourselves.
  • Campsites are, on average, better than Europe.
  • Driving (insofar as it impinges on cycling) is not great but not as bad as we had heard – touch wood!
  • It feels more like home than anywhere else that we have been.
  • Seeing Christmas signs and decorations while wearing shorts and tee-shirts is weird.
  • Kauri trees are awesome.
  • Young lads and girls are all throwing rugby balls rather than kicking a football.
  • Away from the streetlights, the stars are AMAZING. The Milky Way is stunning.
  • New Zealand feels like the least ‘foreign’ country we have ever visited.
  • Even small villages have good public toilets. France- please take note!
  • Every French person who works in hospitality should have to spend 6 months in NZ to learn how  it should be done.
  • The fish and chips here are better than at home. Cooked to order, better flavour, and cheaper.
  • New Zealanders are very friendly (at least until they get behind a steering wheel).

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on New Zealand After Three Weeks”

  1. Hi Christine and Stephen

    A Happy Christmas from the Harrises. Well done on getting to New Zealand. We loved it on our visit February 2015. However we were travelling by train and coach. Beware the Kea parrots they eat bicycle tyres!!!

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