We’re Off Again!

The news is that Christine’s arm has improved significantly, thank goodness.  She doesn’t have the full range of movement (yet, at least) but it is good enough for us to contemplate travelling again.  The intention is take it easy at first, probably making “day trips” initially so that Stephen can carry the reduced amount of luggage.

As we have let the house from early December, we intend to make a start in the second half of November.  As mentioned previously, we are avoiding the impending winter weather and heading for the southern hemisphere – New Zealand to be precise.  This is where our daughter, Eleri, is currently living while on her own travels around the world so it will be great to see her “in the flesh” (as opposed to on FaceTime) for the first time since early April.

We’ll be updating the blog on a more regular basis from now on so keep coming back. (Assuming you are interested in seeing what we are up to, of course!)

6 thoughts on “We’re Off Again!”

  1. Steve

    Great to hear from you again. All the best to you and the good lady. I am extremely jealous about the locations but not the hard work whilst there

  2. Hi Colin and Iain (& everybody else),

    Thanks for you kind words. We’ll try to keep the website updated on a regular basis with the same old stream of consciousness/drivel in the hope that it at least passes the time of day for you!

    Keep well.

  3. New Zealand – that sounds like a wonderful place to visit during our colder months. Look forward to reading your adventures xx

  4. Have fun both of you and your website has had a wonderful facelift! Even more reason to read it frequently.


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