Tickets Booked

The need to be out of the house by (potentially) 27 November meant that we have less than three weeks to get ourselves sorted and gone. As a result we went into Full Action Mode (otherwise known as Hit The Panic Button) on booking the flights to New Zealand. Although we have flown with the bikes many times, the additional weight of the camping equipment and other “stuff” made choosing much more complicated to get the excess baggage costs down to a reasonable level. In addition, travelling one way only seems to make life more “interesting” (and expensive!) for some inexplicable reason. As a result we high tailed it to a London travel agent to help sort out the options and stop our heads spinning.

So we are now booked on Air New Zealand to Auckland via Los Angeles on 24 November which is a weight off our minds. Now for everything else!


  1. So exciting that you will soon be in NZ, Emily is now in Cairns travelling OZ then on to NZ! She has only been gone a few weeks on this leg of her travels. But already feels like a life time. Say hi to Elerie. Enjoy every moment. Am so enjoying keeping up with your journey, and journal! Xx

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Good to hear from you. We hope you have settled down “Oop North”. We too are excited – and also a little bit anxious!

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