Hello from the Other Side of the World

Well, we made it to New Zealand! And so did the bikes and other luggage thankfully.

The 27 hour flight via Los Angeles wasn’t as horrific as we feared and we were lucky to find our hotel room hadn’t been used the night before so we were able to check in on arrival before 10 a.m. This meant that we could “freshen up” and grab a couple of hours sleep before heading into the centre of town to meet Eleri when she finished work. (She is topping up her funds by working in the HR department of Auckland city council until Christmas.)

As it was the first time we had seen her since Easter, 7.5 months ago, there was lots to catch up on as we wandered around the harbour area before getting a quick dinner in one of her usual haunts and then climbing back up the hill to our hotel for an early night.

5 thoughts on “Hello from the Other Side of the World”

  1. Hello there, nice to hear from you. The other side of the world sounds very civilised. I can imagine you have a lot of catching up to do with Eleri. Over here it is grey, dark very early and wet! It’s the COP 21 tomorrow and it looks like Paris is coming to a standstill. We’ll see how it goes. Have a great week!

    1. NZ IS very civilised and the people are very friendly (although -whisper it quietly – their driving is not the best around cyclists!)

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