Chillin’ in Auckland

26 to 29/11/15 We have spent the last few days relaxing and enjoying seeing Eleri again after such a long time. The jetlag has not been anywhere near as bad as we feared thankfully – just waking in the middle of the nights for an hour or so but then dropping off again, and not feeling like the walking dead in the day.

Auckland has surprised us at how much like home it feels – probably the place that is the most like the UK that we have been even though it is half a world away. This is probably a combination of many factors such as the English language, the driving on the left, and the weather. The latter has been “pleasantly warm” (low to mid 20’s) and a few showers in between sunny intervals. Much like the British summer really!

Friday morning was spent booking onward travel (see below) before heading back to base for Christine to unpack and sort the luggage from the Ikea bags into panniers while Stephen reconstructed the bikes. His efforts were great entertainment for one of the housemaids who was having a late lunch outside! Tai took a great interest in everything and invariably greeted explanations with an archetypal Japanese “Ah so” much to Stephen’s amusement!

On Saturday afternoon the three of us took the short ferry ride across the harbour to Devonport where we wandered along the seashore passing a typically British scene of cricket matches being played in whites and loud shouts of “Owzat!”. We climbed the small extinct volcano called North Head and enjoyed views of the lush green islands set in the blue waters of the bay.

Tomorrow (Monday) we are leaving Auckland and heading north to the Bay of Islands by bus. Getting the bikes on board is not ”guaranteed” as it is dependent on the driver’s assessment of the other luggage to be carried but the lady who sold us the tickets was confident that it would be ok as only 13 of 49 seats had been booked. Lets hope she is right! Otherwise we will be waiting for the next bus with room!

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