Almost Ready! (We hope!!!)

The last few days have disappeated in a curious mixture of panic, activity and waiting. Strangely, in some ways we are more nervous about going than when we left in April even through there is far less packing of household “stuff” to be done. This is probably because turning round and going home to get or do something that we have forgotten will be much more difficult this time. Flying half way round the world seems much more final than simply cycling off up the hill!

Anyway the bikes are boxed and everything (apart from a few clothes) is packed. This is the sum total of what we are taking with us for a year or so!

All our worldly goods for the next year.
All our worldly goods for the next year.

This was the scene that greeted us yesterday morning and shows why we are off!

Time to head South.
Time to head South.

(It all melted very quickly.)


8 thoughts on “Almost Ready! (We hope!!!)”

  1. Christine, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
    Have a nice flight and a good time with Eleri. Greetings to Stephen and your daughter.
    Good luck for the next cycling months!

  2. Hello Christine and Stephen!
    And you are off again, this time all the way to a much sunnier climate than ours right now. I wish you a lovely trip without any mishaps or accidents and with lots of fun!

  3. Leicester are still top of the premier league! Looking forward to looking to your blog – particularly the maps and descriptions. All the best

  4. Ah! Someone spotted the unintended consequence of some of Stephen’s highly sophisticated exploration of the features of the settings of the website! (Otherwise known in the vernacular as “buggering about”!!)

    Hopefully the list of pages (including the Maps link) is now restored to the front page.

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