Update – 10 September

Sorry for the long gap since the last update but not a huge amount has been happening while we have been waiting for Christine’s arm to mend.  The important thing to report is that her arm is mending – slowly.  She has been signed off by the hospital as the bone has healed and is now doing physiotherapy to restore use of the muscles.  We have both been surprised at how quickly the muscles deteriorated while the arm was immobilised and how long it is taking to restore that use.

But the important thing is that she is recovering!  She is being very diligent in doing the exercises (her motivation being that she wants to get travelling again as soon as possible) and we can see the progress.  As an example, she has started driving again, albeit only short, local journeys, now that her arm is strong enough to change gear.

The big news for Stephen is that he has got himself a job!  It is only a short term contract (so we are free to go when ready) and only for three days a week (to allow him time to keep the cycling going!) but the money is very welcome.  He is back with Intertek working on a specific project and the arrangement is very flexible – he is free to work at home avoiding the one hour drive (each way) to Brentwood.  In a week or so’s time he has been asked to go to the French operations near Rouen and so Christine has been arranging a weekend visit to Marie-Claire and Christian who live north of Paris.  (She’s incorrigible!)

We have decided that two things need to happen before we go again.  The first is (obviously) Christine’s arm needs to be stronger although we are thinking that it does not need to heal completely as we can base ourselves in one place initially so she does not have to carry much luggage.  We are hoping that this will be by November. The other requirement is that the house is let so that we know that we have funding for our adventures.  To this end, we have put it on the market this week with two agencies (different from the one we used last time).  Here’s hoping it goes quickly so we can avoid the British winter and head for the Southern hemisphere!