Update – 21 July

Today was the third fracture clinic visit – and it went very well! As soon as the doctor saw the x-ray he said “That’s much better”. This confirmed Christine’s feeling that the arm had improved significantly over the last few days – she has more movement with less pain. She can stop using the sling as of Friday (4 weeks after the accident) and has an increase in the regime of exercises to be done. All good news but the timing of the next stage of our trip is still looking like October at the earliest. In the meantime we continue to enjoy living in Tadworth in the summer with very few commitments!

We are very grateful for the kindness and generosity shown by so many people to us. We have had so many goodwill messages. We have been lent beds, chairs and a table while our furniture remains in storage. We have received, and gratefully accepted, many invitations for meals. And we have received more extremely generous donations to our chosen charity from Stephen’s former work colleagues here and in Italy. And that despite not reaching the Black Sea.

Our thanks to all of you!

One thought on “Update – 21 July”

  1. Dear All, we are vey happy about the Christine update, consider that October will arrive very soon.

    Fortunately I am near to my August vacation and as usual I will bring my bicycle with me.

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