Update – 15 July

Christine had her 2nd visit to the fracture clinic and the x-ray showed the fracture is stable. That is good and means no operation. She has to go back in another week, and all being well, a further 3 weeks. She will then also need to be checked for osteoporosis. Meanwhile she is still wearing a sling and having to be careful, so Stephen still has to carry on doing the chores (groan!)  We are lucky he enjoys cooking!

When not doing the washing, cooking, shopping, washing up, chauffeuring Christine, etc, etc, Stephen is keeping himself amused by gardening (the veg patch was overrun with weeds while we were away) and (you will not be surprised to hear) a bike ride most days.  And watching the Tour de France of course!

Christine is a little “lost” now that Wimbledon has finished but there is the golf starting tomorrow and The Ashes as well as the Tour and she is reading books galore!

Although we are missing the new experiences and the excitement of traveling, we are also enjoying the “downtime”.  Tadworth really is a lovely place to live and especially in the summer.

We have turned our thoughts to where we will go next, and that does largely depend on when we can restart (to avoid the cold weather!).  But we are DEFINITELY going off again when the arm is mended!  We will continue to post updates (health and travel plans mainly) here but they will be less frequent than when we were traveling as little changes from day to day of course.  Please drop Stephen an email if you would like us to notify you when we are off again to avoid checking this blog from time to time.

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