Hospital Report.

We arrived home yesterday evening (Tuesday) and went to A&E at Epsom hospital this morning.  X-rays revealed that the arm is broken!!!! Madam is now wanting a big badge saying “I am a big brave soldier because I pushed my bike with a broken arm”!!!!  It doesn’t appear to be a bad fracture that will require surgery thankfully but we have to go to the Fracture Clinic on Saturday morning for the definitive view.  In the meantime she has to keep her upper arm reasonably still but move her lower arm and elbow regularly to retain movement.

And also keep the tennis under close observation – which is not a hardship for her!

We have been touched by the number of good wishes from everyone via the blog, Twitter emails etc.  It is really good of you all.  Thank you.

As we said in the previous post, this is not the end of our travels but obviously we need to make sure Christine is strong again so we are not sure when we will be off next.

A big brave soldier!
A big brave soldier!

2 thoughts on “Hospital Report.”

  1. Just caught up on the latest news and so sorry to hear of Christine’s mishap. I am sure you will re-group and head off again when the time is right. I’ll keep looking at the blog for any additional news. Meanwhile rest and recuperate seems to be the order of the day.

  2. Have been really busy lately and have not had a chance to catch up on the blog. What a shock! I hope you’re okay Christine and not feeling too down.
    Knowing you, it won’t be too long before you’re back on two wheels. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. X

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