Fracture Clinic Report

It was a mixture of good and bad news on Saturday.  The good news was the confirmation that Christine does not need surgery.  The bad news was the forecast that it would take 3 to 4 months for her to recover 90% of the use of the arm.  Given the weight we are carrying she will need at least this.

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  1. Oh dear! Are you going to need a plaster cast? I hope your arm doesn’t bother you too much. I imagine you two, sitting in a nearly bare house full of spiders. Please tell me it isn’t all that grim in reality!

    1. Thank you for your concern, Monique.
      No plaster cast or operation needed, just a sling. I am very pleased about that! We have been lent some beds, comfy chairs, dining chairs and small table, so we feel quite comfortable! We are enjoying being back and watching Wimbledon and now the Tour de France!

  2. I was so sad to read of the unexpected end to your travels, and feel so sorry for you both. I hope that eventually you will be able to re-group and continue from where you left off, although Serbia seems to be a place to avoid with hills, mud, traffic etc.
    As summer has arrived in UK, it seems the best time to relax, rest your arm, with a good book, and recover. I know Epsom Hospital very well, so can imagine you visiting it, and it’s good news about not needing an operation.
    Do keep us posted on this blog, which I look at periodically.
    Ann and Bob

    1. I am relaxing with Wimbledon and the Tour de France! It is good to be able to watch without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else. We are thinking of where we will resume when I am fit enough to do so. Almost certainly not Serbia!

  3. So sorry to hear about your arm Christine, what a shame… hope that you are not in too much pain.

  4. Sorry to read that in the end you had to cut your trip short…. I was hoping that you would find that it was just bad bruising…sadly not to be.
    Still you can now take some time out and watch the TdF and Wimbledon while you plan your trips re-start….
    I will continue to drop buy to keep up to date with your news……

  5. Hi Christine, Steve,
    I’m just curious how if Christine has recovered and whats going on in your lives now.
    Any plans to continue the trip or to resettle in England?


    1. Hi Cornell & Monique,
      You pricked my conscience about the recent lack of updates! So one has just been posted. To answer your questions we are definitely going off again – just as soon as Madam’s arm is mended. The plan is still to settle down in England once the wanderlust itch has been scratched.

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