We’re Going Home

With great reluctance we have decided that it would be best to go home. Christine’s arm is improving slowly but we think it will be more than a week before she is able to handle a heavily laden bike with any confidence or safety. When this is added to the need for us to sort out the house letting it was not a difficult decision to make.

But it is not the end of our gallivanting around the world! Once the house is let and Christine’s arm is sorted we will be off again. We are not sure whether we will finish the Down the Danube thing or go somewhere else.

As a result today (Monday) has been spent sourcing bike boxes, booking flights for tomorrow and other admin type things.

9 thoughts on “We’re Going Home”

  1. I hadn’t looked at you blog for a few days. What a shock. Let us know immediately if there’s any help you need even if it’s just a meal or many when you bet back. I hope the arm recovers quickly. See you soon I suppose. Jim

    1. Thanks Jim. We’ll have a think and let you know. Tamsin is picking us up from the airport so that is sorted.

  2. Dear Steve, it is a petty but a good decision, you have a lot of time to restart the tour. Next time I will see you with the new Bellinzago dress. A good luck to Christine for hers arm

    1. great shame when it was all going so well I’m sure you will rebound even more determined and resilient, best wishes to you both

  3. Hello Steve, too bad what happened to you…. but a wise decision to get back home as I saw that Christine’s arm was very badly injured….
    This one was a first round 🙂 and you did it very well already…. The next one will be the good one for you guys !
    Have a safe trip back to home and enjoy some deserved rest !

  4. Such a shame you had to abort early- but we have plenty of slide decks in Brentwood to keep you busy if you get bored. Although it’s probably quicker to cycle to Brentwood now as they have achieved the impossible by removing the barriers and making the queues worse!

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