Oh Vienna – 2

Photo page updated and just to prove that we have made it:-

Made it!
Made it!
Made it!
Made it!

The campsite in Tulln was up there with the best we have stayed at but with the two doctors arriving in Vienna later today it was time to be on our way. Another glorious morning promised a hot afternoon and an easterly wind blowing in our faces slowed us down but it was only about 39 km today with no hills so we knocked off the ride in short order before lunch.  Only to find that we  couldn’t get into the hotel room until 3 o’clock.

On the way we stopped for a drink at a cafe offering an invigorating drink for cyclists.

We have steered clear of this!
We have steered clear of this!

(For those who don’t know, EPO is the drug of choice for Lance Armstrong and other cheating cyclists.)

6 thoughts on “Oh Vienna – 2”

  1. Congratulations! Enjoy your visit. We’ve just had a heatwave(36° in Paris on fri) hope you don’t get it!

  2. Vienna, the beautiful city. I hope you can stay a few days to enjoy it.
    But hurry up and come back to work 🙂


    1. We’ve had two days here – one sightseeing with A&A and one doing some bike and camping shopping. Most enjoyable.

      Not sure that I really want to come back though! Unless someone wants to make it worthwhile of course (££££££££)!

  3. Well done so far!!! You are incredible!! I love to see the pictures of you both in this amazing experience. We miss you very much!! Take care.

    1. Thank you Fátima. I am missing you and many others too. But I am not missing working I’m afraid! (Although the money would be useful!)

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