Goodbye to Euroland

The one downside with the campsite in Komarom was the number of mosquitoes – Stephen picked up a number of bites while writing the previous post. (Of course the fact that he was sat outside quaffing beer while doing so had nothing to with it!)

With the promise of even hotter temperatures over the weekend (35+) we set off early (before 8 o’clock – it may not sound early to some of you but Christine needs her beauty sleep especially when cycling – at least 10 hours! – she was in bed by 8 PM!) picking up breakfast and lunch at Tesco in passing.

We went back over the river into Slovakia and, just after leaving Komarno, we were on a newly paved dyke for the next 20+ km (thank you Mr EU! ) which was wonderful and infinitely better than the gravel path we had been promised by the guide book.

After a while we had to rejoin the road which was not a big problem as it was not too busy. We passed an unusual monument featuring a number of bells

The monument to the Peace Treaty of Zitva.
The monument to the Peace Treaty of Zitva.

which celebrated the 400th anniversary of the 1606 peace treaty of Zitva between the German emperor, Rudolf I, and Ahmed I (the sultan of Turkey).

Soon we were back on the dyke and were overtaken by two Belgians on a tandem. We stopped for a chat and they too are heading for the Black Sea.  They live near Ghent so we were able to reminisce about trips we have made there to see 6 day cycle racing.

Another stretch of the road took us into the last town in Slovakia,  Stúrovo, where we indulged in ice creams. These were our last purchases in Euroland where we have been since we left Blighty, other than brief sojourns in Switzerland and the previous night’s camping in Hungary. It has made life so much easier to use the one currency all this way.

Just over the river from Stúrovo is  the Hungarian city of Esztergom which has a couple of campsites. This was our destination for the night which we reached at 2 PM -just as the real heat was starting so we were grateful for the opportunity to crash (not literally!) in the shade and have cool showers.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye to Euroland”

  1. How exciting to be leaving Europe. A real adventure I’m sure. Our two day summer back here in England turned into three days up north, that’s about as exciting as it gets over here at the moment.

  2. The Mosquitoes must be hell particularly if the temperatures are climbing. By the way I am pretty sure that Steve needs his beauty sleep more!!!!

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