Some Thoughts After Two Weeks on the Road

  • Gosh! The worries of the last few weeks seem to have just evaporated. Concerns now centre around “Where are we going to sleep tonight?” And “What are we going to eat?”
  • Plus, over the last few days, “Is it going to rain tomorrow?”
  • Living in a tent (most of the time) is going OK.
  • But getting up to go to the loo in the middle of the night when it is p!$$ing down with rain is not much fun!
  • It takes a surprising amount of time to set up camp each night and take it down and stow everything away in the morning!
  • Riding with fully loaded bikes slows you down much more than we had anticipated!
  • Averaging 80km per day with these loads is looking to be ambitious. But hey, what’s the hurry?
  • We’re in the 21st century and WiFi is wonderful! Who would have imagined, a few years ago, that you could lay in a tent in a field in France updating a blog?
  • Some of the equipment available these days is brilliant! Thermorest mattresses are really comfortable (but not very wide), our tent is so easy to erect and light to carry,  drybags are wonderful, our micro backpacks are SO useful,…as is Christine’s micro handbag!
  • The bikes are going well. Thanks Roberts Cycles!
  • We’ve chosen a brilliant route (so far) – barely a hill encountered. Canal towpaths, converted old railway tracks, and quiet roads in river valleys make for great cycling.
  • France is very big compared to England!
  • There is a department called Allier. Who knew? Not Christine and she used to live in France!
  • France is beautiful in the spring – but especially when the sun shines.
  • BUT French loos can leave something to be desired! No paper, no toilet seat, “barbaric” holes in the ground – yuk! But there is probably worse to come outside Europe! But then, they wouldn’t consider themselves one of the most civilised countries in the world!
  • We’re still “together” despite Stephen leaving the tent door unzipped and letting an 8 legged critter in! (But that was a close run thing!). And Christine’s ‘slow’, some might even say ‘tortoise speed’ cycling!

3 thoughts on “Some Thoughts After Two Weeks on the Road”

  1. Sounds like you’re having a ball or should I say ‘un ballon’! Hope the rain eases off as you head East. I’m following you closely as it’s the exact ride I’m planning for the future. Take care you two and thanks for sharing.

  2. I laughed at your thoughts on camping. I am constantly amazed at how incredibly long it takes 25 Scouts to put up and take down a few tents. Definitely not a case of more hands making light work. Exiting a tent in the small hours in never fun and is by far the most effective method I have come across for moderating alcohol intake! The Scouts have got me on a bike this Sunday to raise money for Nepal – Please help us!

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