Route Inondée

No way through!
No way through!

After a shopping expedition to Decathlon for various bike and camping related bits and pieces we ventured into the centre of Chalon to see what there was to see. Not a huge amount in all honesty although Place Saint Vincent, with a good looking church and some pretty old buildings, went some way to redeeming the town (or is it a city?)

We then set off up the Saône, initially on a busy road but then veering off onto quiet lanes heading towards a path along the river bank. But it was not to be! The flooding of the immediate area by the river was not restricted to Chalon as long sections of the path were underwater. We returned to the lanes and later to the main road which had, by then, thankfully quietened down.

It was clear that the sections of riverbank path on the map were going to be similarly inundated and so we ad libbed our way along more lanes that went in the general direction of the river.

As we were finishing lunch a German couple on an unusual looking tandem (a Hase if you’re interested – Google the name) with their 3 year old son and 9 month old daughter in a trailer went past stopping briefly to say Hi. We had met them a few days earlier on the campsite at Decize. The wife is on parental leave and the husband, nearing the end of 7 years studying medicine, has taken a “sabbatical” to spend 4 months cycling from Biarritz to home in Leipzig. That’s an unusual way of using maternity leave!

We arrived at our destination in Seurre mid afternoon and were a little nervous that the campsite, given its name “A La Plage”, might be closed because of the floods
However, all was fine although the water is only just below the level of the ground and there is a sizeable puddle right by the children’s playground.

After several campsites where motorhomes and caravans have occupied almost all of the pitches, this one is strangely without either with only cycling campers including the German family. It does, however, have other residents as we have encountered the first mosquitoes of the trip! We’re sure they won’t be the last ones we see before we get home!


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