Quick Post From Sunday 24 May

Still having difficulties getting on t’internet in any sustained manner! We reached Regensburg this evening and have brief/expensive access so two blogs that were written in draft have been posted without review and the map updated. Only 150 km left to do in Germany but we’re having a rest day tomorrow while Stephen takes the train back to the previous night’s campsite to pick up the keys he left there! Oops!

4 thoughts on “Quick Post From Sunday 24 May”

  1. Hi Radfahrer,

    Just thought I’d let you know that as I write New Zealand are 81 for 5 in the second innings needing 264 more to win. Looks like England can play cricket after all 🙂

    Keep pedaling!


  2. Well done, thinking of you and yes the temperature keeps going down dramatically at night, we had a mild frost 3 days ago and then today it reached 22 degrees. Can’t be much fun cycling in the wind!! Stop complaining about the prices, the pound is so strong at the moment that surely the exchange rate is in your favour ??!!!
    Take care

    1. Well, the pound is quite strong, but it is amazing how quickly the money goes! Last 2 nights paid €28.50 for a campsite!! Tonight treating ourselves to a warm, spacious hotel room! We are looking forward to the return of Summer!

      1. Hopefully it’ll get cheaper and warmer as you go further south!!
        Bon Vent !

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