Into Burgundy

The rain continued for most of Friday so we had a relaxing day wandering around the town of Decize and a chance to catch up on admin chores and reading.

Saturday saw us following the Loire valley for the last time as we crossed from the Centre region into Bourgogne. We only saw the river occasionally as we followed a quiet country road initially before getting onto another Voie Verte on a disused railway line and then the Canal Lateral towpath again.

The rain stayed away for most of the day but then started to get more serious as we approached Digoin. We managed to get the tent up before the heavens opened but with the forecast for Sunday looking pretty dire it was not a difficult decision to take another rest day, particularly with the only local church service that Christine could find being at 11 o’clock. In addition the campsite has a washing machine and drier which will make a pleasant change from using the Scrubba (a small but significant step up from hand washing – do a Google to see what we are talking about) and draping wet clothes over panniers!

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