Hot, Hot, Hot

Somebody turned the temperature up over the last two days (Monday and Tuesday) as it has been over 30 – not bad for the first half of May.

The trip back to the canal from Altkirch was a pleasure being the reverse of the previous evening’s climb. We then sauntered into Mulhouse along the canal before losing the EV6 signs somewhere around the station. We followed our noses through the suburbs even though it involved some climbing (grr! Wish we’d stayed on the towpath.) before refinding the canal as it made its way through a large forested area.

Soon we had our first sight of the Rhine itself with a large barge steaming towards the sea. A trip along the disused Canal de Huningue took us past a “planet path” (always good fun and jaw dropping to see how small the planets are in relation to the distances between them – particularly the outer ones). This took us into Huningue, a suburb of Basle but in France, where there is a small but well equipped (I.e. loo seats and WiFi!) campsite right on the banks of the Rhine.

Tuesday was the designated rest day and so we took a bus into Basle to see the sights. As expected everything in Switzerland was prohibitively expensive – almost £8 for an iced americano and a bottle of water in Starbuck’s. But we did get our own back on the (alleged) tax avoider by making the drinks last a couple of hours while we recharged phones, Kindles, iPads and Garmins!

We move on tomorrow along the Rhine – on the German side because (a) it will be cheaper and (b) a Canadian couple on the campsite tild us that it is much nicer than the almost continuous industrial estate on the Swiss side.

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