Avoiding the Rain!

The rain arrived late yesterday (Thursday). There were a few spots as we neared the end of the ride alongside the Canal Lateral de la Loire so Stephen”rushed” ahead to the campsite in Decize to get the tent up before the heavy stuff started – and just about succeeded! But it then set in for the night. Looking out at the grey skies and the growing puddles this morning we both reached the conclusion that a judicious rest day was in order.

Decize campsite in the rain.
Decize campsite in the rain.

The following shows the progress that we have made with overnight stops indicated.


We will shortly be leaving the Loire and heading more east towards the Rhine and Germany and Switzerland.

6 thoughts on “Avoiding the Rain!”

  1. Hope the weather is being kinder now and the rain has naffed off …forecast here for the Bank Holiday weekend is sunshine and showers!

    1. It did naff off while we were cycling today thankfully but started again as we were getting into Digoin where we are camping and it is now throwing it down!

  2. I hope your “judicious day of rest” included a nice hot bath and comfortable bed!! Although reading your posts, I don’t think so yet! I’m still highly envious, especially your comment “what’s the rush, we’ve got all the time in the world”. The scenery must be beautiful and thank goodness most of your journey seems to have been on the flat so far.
    I posted off a cheque for £380 today, sending it directly to The Brandon Trust. Your ‘leaving gift!’ from your friends and colleagues Christine.
    Enjoying your blog.
    Keep safe.
    Sue R

    1. Dear Sue,
      Thank you, and everyone else so much for the gift. We are still thoroughly enjoying ourselves and thrilled to have now reached Switzerland!

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