We’re Really Under Way!

We are back on wifi so can provide an update. Wednesday morning started with a brute of a hill to get from the Seine valley to the Eure valley, but after that it was glorious cycling yet again both then and Thursday. For 2 days we followed the river Eure upstream along its beautiful valley, almost always on cycle paths or very quiet country roads through very dozy villages. And a further 2 warm days under cloudless blue skies. We camped at a small campsite on Wednesday in Ezy sur Eure and on Thursday at a larger one in Chartres, both by the banks of the river. We had cycled just under 70k both days. We have had a wonderful start to our trip! Low point was using the facilities in a bar/cafe en route and finding it was a hole in the ground! Seriously!

Today, Friday has been our first rest day. We went to look at the cathedral in Chartres, and were blown away by it; absolutely magnificent. Probably the best cathedral we have visited.

This evening we are going to treat ourselves to steak on the camp stove, rather than the usual pasta with a ready made sauce. We are getting used to the camping, and Stephen is proving to be an excellent chef.

Tomorrow our first rain is forecast, which we are not looking forward to, as it is a long day to Orleans where we pick up Eurovelo 6, the cycle path we hope to follow all the way to the Black Sea.

4 thoughts on “We’re Really Under Way!”

  1. It seems like that everything is going smoothly, what more can you ask.

    I found a bicycle quote for Christine. Food for thought Steve!

    The bicycle is just as good company as most husbands and, when it gets old and shabby, a woman can dispose of it and get a new one without shocking the entire community.

    1. Je espère que tout va bien . Je ai décidé d’apprendre le français . Donc, je envoie mes salutations en français ainsi qu’en anglais . Mark

  2. Reading this makes me very jealous of your adventure! Eating steak after a day’s riding is always good 🙂 especially with a beer or glass of wine! Good luck with your trip, hope you enjoy yourselves.

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