The Loire Reached!


First sight of the Loire!

Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 April.
We have reached Eurovelo 6, the long distance cycle path that we hope to follow all the way to the Black Sea! It was a long hard day from Chartres to Orleans on Saturday. The pretty river valley was swapped for prairie style fields. Much less picturesque, but it did mean most of the day we cycled to the sounds of skylarks! Highlight of the day was a car slowing down and inviting us in for coffee at the next village. We chatted to the delightful Yves-Marie who spent 9 months last year cycling from Kyrgyzstan home to France! When we left he presented us with a jar of the honey from his and his brother’s honey business. We also felt we were cycling in the footsteps of the Romans, as most of the roads were straight! We were delighted when we finally saw the Loire, but less pleased to discover that of the 2 campsites in Orleans, one only accepted motorhomes, and the other was closed! As Stephen was feeling unwell we splashed out on a cheap hotel!
Decided in light of Stephen feeling under par, Christine’s wish to go to church on Sunday morning and the forecast of very heavy rain in the afternoon, to take a rest day in Orleans. A wise decision. And a chance to catch up on washing, sorting photos etc. back on the bikes tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “The Loire Reached!”

  1. Glad see that you are on your way and hope that today has been a peaceful day of recovery.
    Thinking about you. Love Judith and Mark x

  2. I can’t believe you are already in Orleans! You have made a great start to your journey – amazing that it’s only a week ago you were pitching your tent in the bitter easterly wind at Seaford.
    I hope you have made the most of your ‘day of rest’ today and that Stephen is feeling better for it.
    Good luck to you both,
    With love and all good wishes,
    Jane and Roger x

  3. Excellent. I remember visiting Chatres and BEING BLOWN AWAY I didn’t even know there was a Cathedral. The birds have laid 9 eggs/ Keep the info coming.

  4. Morning both of you!
    I hope the rain has held off for you. It has turned much chillier and unsettled here Andrew and Jackie had snow yesterday!
    Mum in bed on both Tuesday (awake and chirpy) and Friday (fast asleep and gently snoring) but had apparently been up on Wednesday and Thursday typically !
    Keep those peddles turning and the updates coming…xxxx

  5. Relieved that Stephen is feeling better. I bet he is terrible company when he is unwell!! I am impressed at the progress you are making. You will be in Istanbul before the end of April! You have inspired me to google Chartres Cathedral.

  6. Sounds like you are both having a great time (despite Steve feeling under par). I am loving reading your blog. Keep it coming! I might be inspired enough to get out my own bike and cycle to the shop for the paper. It’s about a mile there and back, but it’s a start.

    1. From little acorns……
      We’ve been without WiFi for a couple of days so no updates. But we’re back in 2015 tonight so brace yourselves!

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