Oh boy!

We are both now (as of yesterday) officially RETIRED – or at least UNEMPLOYED!  Reality is starting to dawn.  No income (difficult for two accountants!) and a BIG plan with limited preparation.  Yikes!

But, being a resilient and flexible couple, we will cope – perhaps with a few “bumps in the road” which we will muddle our way through!

We had a lovely meal at Toby Tobin’s Dining Room in Reigate last evening to celebrate.  Christine has been to Taunton to say “au revoir” to her parents and Stephen has been enjoying his new new-found freedom with a bike ride (no surprise there, then) and pottering about at home doing sundry little jobs that move things a little bit further forward.

One thought on “Oh boy!”

  1. Hi Steve, just to say hello. Busy day but I could still be able to check your site. I hope you enjoy your very early retirement days but I understand you find things to potter about.

    PS: I was lucky that you were not using (or not necessary) that much of strange words, phrases (for me of course 🙂 ) when you were talking to me. I needed to check the online dictionary for a number of different words :)))

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