Divorce Avoided (so far!)

Stephen started to sort out his clothes (storage, Oxfam, recycling, etc) this morning. Christine wanted to have some “input” to the proceedings. “Thanks but no thanks” was the reply. She found other things to do thankfully!

2 thoughts on “Divorce Avoided (so far!)”

  1. Hi Steve & Christine,
    Well April Fool came and went and Steve did not return to work so Steve’s leaving was true after all.
    In a couple of days you will both be cycling into unexplored territories and I, with many other, will be voyeurs, following you on your adventure as if we were watching a TV reality show :0.

    May only good and wonderful things cross your bicycle paths and I look forward to reading your trip reports.


    1. Thanks Cornell. Your good wishes and sense of humour are much appreciated. With the slight delay our departure is now only 12 days away! Eek!!

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