Day 4 Update

Just a short 30k today. What a perfect day for cycling. France at its beautiful best! Cloudless blue sky, temperature warm but not too hot, mainly cycling very quiet lanes through green river valleys, and finishing along the banks of the Seine. We are staying at an excellent hotel which Stephen has used when visiting Intertek’s French operations nearby. This is the view from our room.


11 thoughts on “Day 4 Update”

  1. I recognise that view, give my regards to the patron.
    Cherry says hi to Christine after all these years.
    We’ll keep watching your progress.

    Jeremy & Cherry

  2. Hi, I’m so pleased you are on your way. We’re sorry we weren’t able to get to your farewell last Saturday. We’ll be following your progress to see where you are getting on to. We do wish you well and trust all will go smoothly. (Because of yours and all the other absences, I have got 11 appointments on the June-August plan!!!). Meryl and Richard

  3. It looks beautiful, Dean and I are taking the bikes to France in June (although we are driving to Vimoutiers 🙂 )

  4. We’ve been wondering how it was all going. How lucky are you with the weather. Keep pinpointing where you are. We’re going to trace your route

  5. it was great to see you off and we both hope the weather continues to be good for you. we shall keep checking where you have got to.
    Our thoughts and prayers go with you.

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