Camping Out – Sort of

Last night saw the start of the camping (perhaps more “glamping” at the moment if truth be told) after we dismantled the bed in preparation for the removal men arriving today.  We spent the night in our sleeping bags and camping pillows on futons on the bedroom floor.

Preparations are still “progressing” but we keep on coming across things that we hadn’t previously thought of.  However, it all seems do-able – just.  Today is going to be slightly traumatic as the removal men are going to be taking all our bikes other than the ones we will be riding and Stephen’s pride & joy which is going for a holiday chez Sally and Marwood.

3 thoughts on “Camping Out – Sort of”

  1. Exciting times. Can’t wait to follow your journey. All the preparations can be exciting and scary in equal measure. I now recall with great pleasure the day I took all my worldly possessions, bar my books and what was coming with me on the bike tour, down to the charity shop. A very liberating day but I also recall the sense of fear that returning to a bare flat caused. No turning back! Once on the tour though I couldn’t imagine how’s i’d breathed being tied down by all those possessions.

    Good luck with the rest of the preparations!

    All the best from Burma

    1. Thanks, Tom. I am enjoying following your trip! At the moment it is still quite scary, but I am sure it will feel great as soon as we set off!

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