Along the Loire

We’re back in 2015 as this campsite has WiFi after two days in the Dark Ages! So you are being subjected to another update.

In the past 3 days we have covered about 100 miles heading upstream from Orleans to La Charité sur Loire. We have now joined the Eurovelo 6 cycle route which we will be following all the way to the Black Sea. We did the first part, from the Atlantic to Orleans, a couple of summers ago with Eleri, our daughter, so it feels good to be back with an “old friend”.

It has been fairly flat and along wonderful cycle paths almost the whole way – generally away from roads but if not then the roads were very quiet. Christine survived the fall in temperature to 10C on Monday by wearing full-fingered gloves, a beanie hat under her helmet and 5 layers of clothing! It has warmed up a bit, and best of all we have been spared rain!

Since Orleans we have been camping and making inroads into the  overspend against budget following the “blow out” at the wonderful hotel in St Pierre du Vauvray with associated meal. (Well we are both accountants so we hope you’ll forgive the reversion to type!) And, wonder of wonders, the campsites since Orleans have all had toilet paper in the loos – none if those before did. But still no loo seats!! (Why is that?)

The cooking is going well – or at least as well as can be expected  on a little gas stove with just one burner.  Here is tonight’s feast:-

A veritable feast!
A veritable feast!

It’s a couscous/bulgar wheat concoction from a packet with added ham and a tomato and some of the local vino, Pouilly Fume, in case you were wondering! Hardly cordon bleu but it’s fuel! It was followed by a slice of cake and a banana.

We are realising just how big France is, as we are still only about half way across it!

A big thank you to everyone who has sent us messages. We love getting them! We will update again when we next have wifi.

8 thoughts on “Along the Loire”

  1. For a cyclist a blow out is usually bad news but you’ve turned it into a positive. Creative accounting indeed!
    Jay and I love having news of your travels. It’s really quite inspiring. If it’s any consolation it’s been chucking it down, windy and cold in Epsom today, but actually my allotment us much relieved!
    Safe and enjoyable travels

    1. Tim and Jay (and everyone else), we love getting your comments as they keep us in touch with the real world so please keep them coming.

      I hadn’t thought of “blow out” in that context. In case people are wondering, the P******* Fairy hasn’t visited us yet so please would nobody mention the P-word! Thanks.

    2. Hi C & S. I don’t always remember to look at your website each day, but when I do I am amazed at how much you have achieved. As you’ve heard, it’s been really cold here in the south east with a strong east wind. It’s grotty cycling down Longmead Road to visit Mum (against the wind) but fortunately a little better coming home. We’ve got the Resources Committee this evening (just think what you are missing) with discussions around repairs following the 5 year inspection and a new floor for the community hall. We’re going to have to buy a new digital projector for the church (the blob on the right hand screen) because it is too expensive to repair. That’s a fair amount of cash written off. And you’re missing it all. We had Church Council on Tuesday and Mark managed to get it through in an hour, even with sensible decisions. That’ll be the end of those meetings for a few months – good news. We can settle down to more important things like getting the garden ready for the summer and preparing a few sermons (I’ve got 11 appointments on the next plan!!). Meryl and I continue to wish you well and we look forward to your next encounter with WiFi. Meryl and Richard

  2. Hello you two!
    So nice to be able to keep track of your travels, and everything is going well. I really admire you, you know!
    To answer your question: no loo seats means no cleaning of loo seats hahaha. Still, better a loo without a seat than a hole in the ground.
    Have fun and keep safe!!

  3. Great progress. Gill and I are off to the Cycle Touring Festival in Clitheroe tomorrow. That will have to do for our touring fix for now. So jealous of the days, weeks and months you have stretching out ahead of you. Keep the cooking details coming, always looking for inspiration in that direction. All the best, Tony.

    1. Enjoy the festival! We were much inspired by Laura and Tim Moss and their fairly recent cycle around the globe! Have fun!

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