Another Step on the Road – And a Brave One for Christine!

The last two days have been a move outside our comfort zone – particularly  for Christine (but Stephen had to “think of other things” on a couple of occasions too!)  We have been on an expeditions’ first aid program provided by Lifesigns.   The aim was to give the participants a basic grounding in the skills to help and survive in situations they may encounter outside the norm.  In all honesty things were not very gory (Stephen looked at all of the slides – even if he had to turn away pretty sharpish for some of them!)  and, while we hope we are never in a situation to need the skills and techniques  we learned, the experience will definitely prepare us should they be needed.  In addition, Michael, the course leader (a thoroughly good bloke!) gave us a number of very useful suggestions and tips for our upcoming adventures.

P.S.  Our thanks to our fellow participants – Ollie, Kate, Chris, Nina and Maddie – you helped to make the two days a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

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