La Bella Vita

Tuesday & Wednesday 28&29 Jan 2020 On Tuesday Christine crossed from the east coast to the west as she had decided to visit the World Heritage Site of Cinque Terre, 5 old villages clinging to the coast south of Genoa. On Wednesday she took an early train, at 8.20, from the city of La Spezia… Continue reading La Bella Vita

San Marino

Monday 27 Jan 2020 The bus for San Marino left from almost outside the hotel and went straight inland and upwards.  Christine had no idea what the town would be like, and was somewhat surprised to find it stunningly beautiful. The old town is perched high up on a bluff with 360 views down to… Continue reading San Marino

Welcome to Italy

Sunday 26 Jan 2020 Stephen had half jokingly suggested visiting San Marino to chalk up another country and the idea took hold. A trip over the Alps to a warmer Italy seemed inviting. The train ride from Innsbruck up to the Brenner pass and down the other side was lovely, but the Pass itself was… Continue reading Welcome to Italy

The Hahnenkamm

Saturday 25 Jan 2020 On this trip we have realised that the flexibility of an Interrail ticket is a wonderful thing, if you are happy not booking hotels more than a day in advance and generally flying by the seat of your pants. Today was a perfect example of this.  On her trip into Innsbruck… Continue reading The Hahnenkamm

We Have Split Up!

Friday 24 Jan 2020 But not in THAT way! When we were initially planning the holiday there was a difference of views on how long we should be away, Stephen thinking that three weeks away from his beloved bikes would be quite long enough and Christine wanting longer away from the cold and damp of… Continue reading We Have Split Up!

Bye Bye Balkans

Wednesday & Thursday 22 & 23 Jan 2020 The trip from Podgorica certainly lived up to its advance billing. It starts climbing almost immediately following a steep sided valley with views of the river and the road a long way below. There are also glimpses of a new motorway being constructed (when it isn’t passing… Continue reading Bye Bye Balkans